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2015, Dec–

Julie EP

The Julie EP was recorded over the course of a few years, but its sort of a collection of songs I put out previously, but in different forms. This record was mostly done on my Tascam 424 tape machine, or sometimes on my laptop with a few decent microphones. What’s interesting about it, is that all the songs where really just demos that I didn’t think I would share, but found myself liking more than the ‘finished’ tracks I ended up using. Sometimes that’s just what happens I guess. For people interested in this kind of stuff, I used Sure SM 57 mics and Fender tube amps. It can actually be really hard to get a definitive ‘lo-fi’ sound. The first song on the album is just a remake of an older song of mine that I have been trying to perfect for a while now (it used to be called ‘Fear City’ but I renamed it ‘Suicide Machine’). ‘Static King’ was a demo for a song I made a VHS video for, but we ended up just using the demo, and the finished version ended up on the album. I think this recording in particular captures a rare mood, and that seems to be really hard to do, so that might be why everyone seems to like it! The third song is an older instrumental (I usually don’t add instrumentals to albums either, but I always wanted to put that song out, so I figured I would just add it here). ‘Vintage Ocean Liner’ is sort of my white whale, because I have recorded that song so many times and put it out so many times, and never got it right (in my mind at least). ‘Everybody Sees the Sunlight’ was recorded up at the university here in town on a ‘reel to reel’ tape machine on a Friday night (along with a bunch of other demos), and I felt pretty good about spending a Friday night that way.


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