Balacade / Hi, how are you.

2012, Nov–

Malaise Era

Malaise Era is:

Interstate 8, Boise, Aberdeen, Olympia, Seattle, Skyscraper Magazine, The Holy Childhood, Elliott, Winter/Summer, Fall/Winter, Summer, Hammond A-100's, Distorted Reality, Casiotone, Always wanting to move/never moving, Travel/not travel, Dating, Breaking-up, Quitting, Ben Gibbard (barely), Grandaddy, Montana (via Modesto), Red Concertina (coming down the stairs), Puppies, Plans, Plants, Payment Plans (karma), I hate myself and I want to die (nevermind), Reciprocal, Making a killing/feeling like dying, Getting beaten up, Always being nice, 10 years, Suddenly 12, Now 13, "...And that shot does look good", Joan, Mark, "The more the scarier", I've loved you David Bowie since I was 6, Playing in a band, Playing in Balacade, Sitting alone recording Marigold at 3 am. "...Our bodies will dissolve the chemicals in due time".


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